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    French - Instant Immersion Language Learning Software

    Adobe Photoshop Cs5 Portable - m

    Movie Database Software - DVD Collection Software - Movie Label 2018

    For details open F G (both in C:FileMan) using Notepad or better Notepad replacement free(ware). NEWest at the top OLDest at the bottom. Items labeled as discontinued! obsolete, unmaintained /- abandoned. Most all software featured here is free(ware) : Freeware, Free /- OpenSource. I do not recommend any shareware/trialware/retail programs, except the few essentials on my MUSTHAVE list, and only if I could not find any free(ware) alternative. Most unofficial Windows OSes (Hot)Fixes, Packs Updates created using officialMicrosoftIEAK ( INF SED ) installer toolkit (free). Check back often for.

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